Sociedade de Avaliação Estratégica e Risco, Lda

With 30 years of experience, SaeR - Sociedade de Avaliação Estratégica e Risco, Lda. - is a Consulting Firm in Prospective, Strategy and Risk, specialized in the areas of Geopolitics and Prospective, Strategies and Competitiveness, Integration and Business Development and Strategic Risk Management.

SaeR offers an integrated service that ensures all its clients' needs are met. From market and prospective analysis to strategic assessment and planning, financing and risk management, SaeR provides integrated solutions tailored to the specific needs of its clients.

SaeR offers skills and services in Strategic and Prospective Thinking for top decision makers and Strategy Development, Advisory services for the improvement of the strategic positioning of organizations in the design and implementation of business strategies, and offers financing and investment solutions, presenting skills and services in Economic-Financial Advisory in the Redesign of Capital Structures and Financing Plans; Resource Optimization, Sale and Acquisition of Companies, Interaction with Funds, Investors and/or Financiers.

In the area of strategic risk management, SaeR also offers expertise and services in Strategic Risk Assessment and Credit Rating (in this case through its associate Arc Ratings).