Microio - Serviços de Electrónica, Lda.

Microio is an innovative firm in the field of electronics, specialized in the creation of integrated software and hardware solutions, developed on demand. The products and services developed have the particularity of being versatile, adapting to the customer and using the latest technologies.

Microio was born within the University of Aveiro, in 1998, at the IEUA Business Incubator with which it has maintained close ties, promoting innovation, creativity and knowledge above all. This connection is reflected in the recruitment of professionals from various areas, the inclusion of Internships, Masters and even PhDs in the company.

Microio values essentially the communication with its customers, enhancing synergies and creating innovative products and services, in which often integrates the result of R&D activities. This posture has resulted in the registration of national and international patents in several areas such as payments, communications and systems.

As a result, Microio is an internationally certified company in ITMARK in the systematization of product development and the improvement of critical processes of the organization, thus integrating the restricted range of the first three Portuguese companies certified in ITMARK. It is worth mentioning the certification of the Quality Management System with ISO 9001:2008 and NP ISO/IEC 27001:2013 - Information Security in the development, operation and management of the UnicardVending solution, according to the Declaration of Applicability.