Kontron Transportation Portugal, Unipessoal, Lda.

World leader of railway communication networks, and integrator of end-to-end telecommunications solutions, Kontron Transportation (https://www.kontron.com/ktrdn) is present worldwide, of which Kontron Transportation Portugal is also part.

With two offices in Portugal (Lisbon and Aveiro), its focus is centered on solutions for the main public and private companies in the transportation sector and mainly in the National Railway Network.

In this particular and also with a great International contribution, is the R&D center in Aveiro that is one of the R&D centers of Kontron AG, located in Austria, France and Portugal.

The scope of the R&D team of Kontron Transportation includes the domain of technologies used in the implementation of products in various areas such as critical communications networks 4G/5G, NMS, security, virtualization and transmission. This scope allows us to offer our customers complete and integrated solutions.