EVOX Technologies

Established in 2015 and based in Castelo Branco, EVOX Technologies is a technology company
dedicated to the development of Hardware and Software, that provides innovative technology solutions
adapted to each client and current market.

Aware of factors such as sustainability, reduction of the environmental impact and a more efficient waste
management, there was a need to create the 360Waste project, an integrated waste collection management
solution. In addition to many other features, it allows the collection of the filling levels of each container
which, as a result, translates into the optimisation of the collection circuits and a decrease in the pollution
levels and additional costs.

EVOX believes that the waste sector has a strong market and it is currently its main focus. However, the
long-term goal is to keep investigating and developing new systems, improving existing products and
adapting the needs of every client that walks beside us.

Having a strong presence at a national level, EVOX intends, in the same way, to expand to the foreign
market, thus making possible the exportation of all the developed technology.