Associação ALMASCIENCE – Investigação e Desenvolvimento em Celulose para Aplicações Inteligentes e Sustentáveis

AlmaScience CoLAB is the result of the close collaboration between academia, R&D centers and industry, boosted by a Governmental Initiative to support innovation, targeted at bridging the gap between the sectors, creating scientific and qualified jobs and increase on knowledge and technology transfer.

In the frame of this context, AlmaScience Collaborative Laboratory was established around a common and relevant R&D&I agenda for the associates, in order to support innovation and R&D within multiple industrial sectors, and specifically to generate disruption in the area of paper-based electronic platforms and devices.   Through the exploitation of nanotechnology and advanced functional materials and their use to create ecological game-changing paper-based, fully printable, multifunctional devices and systems, AlmaScience aims to deliver ecologically sustainable and universally accessible solutions by effectively enabling IoT in areas like: security, environment, health, brand protection, electronics, logistics, food or marketing.

AlmaScience is focused on industrial and technology applications that meet the actual needs of its associates as well as other industrial partners looking to lead innovation in their field.